Instyle kitchen, Bathrooms and Customs Design and Decorations  
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Instyle Kitchen & Bathroom
Design & Renovation

361 Jane Street, Toronto
Ontario, M6S 3Z3
Phone: 416-833-4343
Fax: 416-850-4326
What we offer?
Complete custom kitchen and bath, and basement design/installation packages, from demolition to decorating. "We handle the entire project".

Highlights Include
- No charge at-home Design consultation and estimate
- No charge Accompanied detail material selection appointment (Cabinets, flooring, backsplash, fixtures, counter tops etc.) at our 361 Jane street showroom
- Complete kitchen, bathroom or basement design, including scale drawings with 3d imagining
- References and a visit(s) to a past local neighborhood completed project
- In-depth knowledge/experience with all current Ontario Building Codes
- Acquiring all necessary, building, plumbing, h-vac,& electrical permits
- WSIB compliant
- Packages to fit all budgets

What we do?
- Work completed on your project every day until completion
- Clean drop sheets, large window exhaust fans and dust screens with zippers is standard procedure
- Licensed Plumbers, Electricians, Trades on site (One of the owner is a Master Electrician)
- Fully insured and a written guarantee on all workmanship and material
- Temporary facilities during project installation